Crypto Dogs NFT Collection & NFT Metaverse

Crypto Dogs NFT, an innovative NFT Collection on the Solana Blockchain, offers a NFT Metaverse and Play2Earn (p2e) with an immersive experience centered around a variety of unique and captivating characters called HACHI.

Each NFT represents a distinct HACHI, and Crypto Dogs provides a gateway to a world of unparalleled activities, fun, interaction, and mesmerizing dances.

As a proud owner of these remarkable NFTs, you will gain access to our incredible community where virtual companionship intertwines with limitless possibilities. 

CryptoDogs NFT Mask Gif
CryptoDog Shadow Corner
CryptoDog Tear
Launch My NFT collab with CryptoDogs
Magic Eden collab with CryptoDogs
NFT Calendar collab with CryptoDogs
Photon Engine collab with Crypto Dogs

Crypto Dogs Virtual World (Metaverse)

Metaverse lands keys & CryptoDogs NFT Collection

The price for 1 land in the sale will be $10 with a total supply of 2000 units. If you want to acquire a land after the mint (sale), you can do so by purchasing the rooms on the secondary market of Magic Eden.

The price for 1 CryptoDogs Hachi NFT in the sale will be $15 for customers with Whitelist and $20 for users without Whitelist with a total supply of 2222 units. If you wish to buy a CryptoDogs Hachi NFT after the mint (sale), you can do so by purchasing the NFTs on the secondary market of Magic Eden.

Register on our WHITELIST and get in line to reserve your purchase in Magic Eden, simply fill out the contact form on our website, and you will be one of the first to receive updates and investment opportunities.


Rooms and NFT sell starts in:








Crypto Dog Metaverse Map
CryptoDogs Room Key NFT

About our Metaverse

Our team is devoted to building the most outstanding Metaverse on the Solana blockchain, incorporating a robust integration of NFTs.

As evidence of our vision, we are developing a 3D metaverse with high-quality features, including a cross-platform multiplayer experience.

Our focus on graphic excellence and interactivity is intended to elevate the standards of the Metaverse in the blockchain and Magic Eden space.


In our 3D NFT metaverse and play2earn (p2e), interact, play, and earn rewards in multiplayer minigames with cross-play functionality across web and mobile devices.

Players can enjoy, chat, and have fun with each other in a unique immersive environment.

Multi-Wallet (Phantom, Solflare, Backpack...)

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, Solana has emerged as a highly promising blockchain platform, attracting investors.

As the popularity of Solana continues to grow, the demand for secure and reliable solana wallets like Phantom, Solflare, Backpack has increased.

Playable Devices

Our game runs on Android and Web, with future iOS support.

Players in multiplayer interact seamlessly across all platforms, seeing each other in the metaverse’s shared experience.

Our worldwide servers offers a 0-50ms latency to all our users.

Magic Eden Crypto Dogs High Quality

MagicEden NFT Marketplace

Unique digital assets (NFTS) have opened up new horizons for creators, collectors, and investors.

When it comes to the Solana blockchain, one platform that stands out as the go-to marketplace for NFT enthusiasts is MagicEden.


Hachi is the main character of the Metaverse.

It represents a 3D playable version of our NFT character in the metaverse.

You will be able to unlock the original Hachi character by being the owner of a CryptoDogs Hachi NFT.


A room system where users can create personalized spaces in the metaverse. Name, design, and customize your rooms according to your preferences.

You will also have the option to showcase and put NFTs up for sale to the public, fostering an interactive and immersive environment.

CryptoDog Shadow Right
CryptoDog Tear

Our Roadmap

Below, you will find our roadmap, outlining the projected project milestones and both short-term and long-term plans. Stay tuned for this exciting project with constant development and continuous progress as we bring our vision of the future for CryptoDogs to life…

Q3, 2023 (⛏️)

Marketing campaign for community growth

Giveaways, rewards, whitelists, collabs & AMAs

Q4, 2023 (🕑)

Find collabs and create their skins for holders in the Metaverse

We will find collaborations with other collections and create a skin for their holders.

Q1, 2024 (🕑)

Merchandising and global events

We will release packs of merchandising (t-shirts, cups…) and represent and showcase Crypto Dogs in several global NFT events.

Q4, 2023 (🕑)

Sale of Lands/Rooms & Crypto Dogs NFTs (HACHI)

Sale of 2000 lands/rooms and 2222 Crypto Dogs NFTs (Hachis)

Lands supply: 2000

NFTs supply: 2222



Q4, 2023 (🕑)

Major sprint in metaverse development

Big update in the Metaverse, land/room owners will be able to claim their lands in the Metaverse.

Q1, 2024 (🕑)

Launch of Crypto Dogs Solana Token

Launch of our custom token, with limited supply and deflationary nature, endless utilities within the Metaverse.

CryptoDog Shadow Left
CryptoDog Tear

Our professional Team

Our young and crazy team is creating the best Metaverse and NFT Collection in the Solana Blockchain.

You can reach and get closer to them by contacting them through their social networks.

CryptoDogs CEO NFT
CryptoDogs Team CEO

Ivan Màrtir


Remarkable experience in Unity Engine with +5 years in the Game Developing industry. Experience in C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS.

CryptoDogs CM NFT
CryptoDogs Team CM

Nil Barceló


More than 5 years as a Community Manager for big local enterprises.

Discord:  nil1627

CryptoDogs Designer NFT
CryptoDogs Team Designer

Eva Barceló


Freelance designer with a lot of experience with 2D.

CryptoDogs CTO NFT
CryptoDogs Team CTO

Alex Màrtir


DevOps, Back-End & Android Developer +7 years of experience. Experience in C#, Java/Android, Angular, IONIC.

(FAQ) Common Questions?

Frequently asked questions made by users about our Metaverse and NFT Collection in general.

CryptoDogs NFT Frequent Questions
What is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets recorded on a blockchain. In our project, CryptoDogs, we will offer NFTs of virtual dogs with valuable utility in the metaverse. These exclusive virtual pets will possess distinct attributes and abilities, enriching players’ experiences. Own and trade limited-edition CryptoDogs NFTs to immerse yourself in a rewarding metaverse. Join us now for this revolutionary fusion of blockchain technology and gaming entertainment!

What is a Metaverse?

A 3D metaverse is an immersive virtual world that allows users to interact and explore within a shared digital environment. In our project, Crypto Dogs, we are creating an exciting 3D metaverse where players can own, breed, and trade unique crypto-pets using blockchain technology. Dive into this one-of-a-kind experience and discover a virtual universe full of possibilities and rewards in Crypto Dogs. Join now and be part of this revolutionary evolution in digital entertainment!

What is Solana Blockchain?

Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform known for its speed and scalability. As a leading network in the crypto space, Solana supports NFTs, DeFi applications, and metaverse development, offering decentralized solutions. Its efficient consensus mechanism enables fast transactions, making it an ideal choice for various decentralized applications and fostering the growth of the crypto ecosystem.

What is a Play 2 Earn (P2E) game?

A “Play2Earn” refers to a gaming concept within the metaverse where players have the opportunity to earn money and rewards by playing video games. In this model, players engage in virtual worlds and online games, and their in-game activities and achievements can be converted into real-world monetary value or valuable rewards. This system blurs the line between gaming and economic opportunities, allowing gamers to potentially generate income while enjoying their gaming experiences.

How can i win money in the Metaverse?

In the metaverse, you can earn money by engaging in various activities within virtual rooms. From trading digital assets and creating content to participating in competitions and events, each action can translate into financial rewards. Unleash your potential in the metaverse and start generating income while immersing yourself in unique virtual experiences!

CryptoDog Shadow Left
CryptoDog Tear

The next generation of 3D metaverse is about to come…

Next Generation 3D Metaverse & NFT Collection

©2023 – CryptoDogs. All Rights Reserved by CryptoDogs

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